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Excellent Quality

Just a great looking watch!

1815 Chronograph, Steel / White

Great watch for a price. Comes with an extra wrist band.

1926 At'sea, Steel / Blue

Overall , the watch is met my expectation.
Anyway, the alignment of the back cover is not 100% at middle. It's about 60 degree from the middle.

It's a nice watch. The dial is the most beautiful part! I like the size too, it is just fit my wrist well.

A subtle and yet sofisticated divers watch.

I decided to buy myself a watch as a reminder of hard work and succes in my Graduate job.

First I thought of brands much more expensive than the 1926’ Automatic, but I thought about it again and searched for alternatives.

Three ad’s in and I fell in love.

A year went on and I succeeded in my first job, so I ordered the watch and picked it up in Gothersgade with my girlfriend.

The guys at the shop was very friendly and professional and we had a long talk about watches in general and movements.

I’m dreaming about a vintage GMT with automatic movement!!!

1969 Petite, Steel / White

1815 Chronograph, Steel / White

1926 At'sea, Steel / Green Turtle Vintage – 39MM

My 20yr old son is beginning his career and I wanted to get him his first, nice watch. He picked this one out of many to chose from! Loved that you offered free engraving so I could always remind him how proud I am of him! It only took a few days to arrive and was so impressed with how beautiful the watch was in person! Amazing detail and more important, he loves it! Thank you!


Delivery delay, 7月11號的訂單還沒收到手錶

Beautiful watch

Comes in fantastic packaging and the fact that you get an extra band is amazing. The only criticism I have is that the watch isn’t water resistant at all but besides that it is perfect.

Great design

Light and bright. Love how versatile it is!

Excellent watch!

A really nice watch, I use it for work and just to wear casually. I would definitely recommend it!





1926 At'sea, Steel / Green Turtle Vintage – 39MM

Sleek automatic

Really impressed with this beautiful time piece by About Vintage. The sweeping second hand is gorgeous, and the hands and emblems are beautiful.

A fifth about vintage watch that I have bought

Beautifully designed with some tailor made elements.

If more choices for designing the watch face, that will be better!

1926 At'sea, Steel / Green Turtle Vintage – 42mm



Don't like the thick glass

Not a fan of the thick glass.
Feel like it takes away the shine and colour from the dial.
A flatter glass would make the dial more prominent.

1969 Vintage, Steel / Midnight Blue - Special Edition