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The watch is very pretty and works well.
Only problen is that the strap is pretty uncomfortable.

Fantastic watch very comfortable on the wrist

Great watch!

What a treat. This watch has that typical vintage look, is well constructed and comes in a premium package.
I am really happy with how it looks at my wrist.

Ali P.

That's a most elegant watch with sophistic style where combinates vintage with our modern time.

1964 Horizon Quartz, Steel / White

So far the watch is performing just fine. I like the looks of it. Strap is a bit less than I might have hoped. But overall a plus.



Very nicely designed.

This watch has a thoughtful design with high quality feel, fit, finish and appearance. Glad I made the purchase.

As usual perfect. Thanks a lot. Best regards

New job - New watch

Love the quality, I bought the gift set, each band gives the watch a different distinct look. Very impressed so far.

Love it. Looks great

1844 Chronograph, Steel / White

1815 Chronograph, Steel / White

1956 Marine Automatic, All Black / Cream

1969 Vintage, Gold / White – 36mm

1844 Chronograph, Steel / White

The watch is very nice. One of my favorites styles. It took me 6 weeks to decide to buy because of its smaller 40mm size. I typically don’t wear 40mm watches as they are on the smaller size range. I’d love to see this 1960 in a 42mm to 44mm size

AV 1956 Marine Limited white.

Great design and quality components. Nice vintage reboot. Classic and timeless. Thank you.

1969 Vintage, Steel / White – 39mm

Beautiful watch

Impressed with the look and quality of this watch. Amazing value for the price point!

A wonderful time piece!

1844 Chronograph, Steel / White

Simply a beautiful watch

Gotten the 1956 Marine Automatic Steel / White.
Very happy with it. Fits well on my wrist. Simple, elegant and just too beautiful.

The 1956 Marine Automatic All Black

The package came super fast; it was ordered at 3 am PCT on that Friday of the release and was received Monday, three days later. If it has shipped from Copenhagen, this is a swiftness of delivery rarely seen. I was expecting a week at least, but it came in three days!!!
I love everything about the 1956 Marine automatic. It has a compact feel on the wrist and is very comfortable with that little stretching rubber bracelet. The screw-down crown is fun to handle; I like when it pops out at the second position. The click of the bezel is pleasant. The light blue-green dots and hands are striking, lifting some volume from the dark dial. I like the weight and the way the rotor charger inside moves around.
Since the day of reception it haven’t stopped yet since I have been wearing it almost everyday. This is one watch that is drawing admiration from viewers and is calling to be worn more from the wearer.
Besides the swiftness of delivery the other bonus is the leather pouch that holds three watches to carry on a trip. I have yet to practice the putting in the watches into the compartments but this is quite a bonus since it’s solid and a beautiful brown leather.
I have been coming and coming back to the website looking at what I would get from About Vintage and when came that release I knew this was it!
Very well done!!!

1934 Telechron, Steel / Off White