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Quartz Watches

A quartz men’s watch is a stylish timepiece with astounding functionality.

A quartz watch has impeccable accuracy – far greater than any mechanical timepiece. Quartz itself is a hard mineral and is used as the regulator for a very precise frequency.

How does a quartz watch work?

Within the circuit of a quartz watch, a current is produced by a battery. This current makes the present quartz vibrate at a precise frequency, and the circuit ensures that vibrations are turned into electrical pulses which power a minuscule electric motor. This energy makes the gears of the watch turn, and thus the hands on the face of the clock complete their task as well.

The frequency of the oscillation of the crystal is dependent on its shape and size. In most quartz watches the frequency remains at 32,768 Hz. Quartz is used due to its great precision and longevity. Therefore, these watches are often the ideal choice for reliability as well as accuracy.

Quartz watches in watchmaking history

Quartz became popular in the watchmaking process from the 1970s onwards although it was discovered long prior to this. In fact, this quartz revolution resulted in economic disruption as the alternative to mechanical watches boomed in the market. A few decades prior, the Japanese and Swiss had begun competing to design the first quartz watch. Ultimately, the Japanese got there first in 1969.

To date quartz is a popular mechanism for timepieces and commonplace throughout the watch-making industry. Style and design are combined for fantastic products.

A brilliant, reliable quartz watch from About Vintage

Quartz watches are forecasted to remain popular for decades to come.

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