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Chronograph Watches

A chronograph watch is a gadget that can be used both as a stopwatch and a display watch. It is a watch with additional features making it more complex than others. Chronograph watches are often considered utility watches due to their complex functionality. They are very popular today due to their cool, sporty, and technical-looking nature. However, their functions are often ignored and misunderstood, leaving them underutilized. Here at About Vintage we offer a wide range of chronograph watches that can suit your needs.

History Of the Chronograph Watch

The chronograph was invented by a French horologist named Louis Moinet as a tool for tracking astronomical objects. The commercialization of the chronograph, later, led to its use in aviation, horse racing, Olympic sport, automobile racing, water sports, and naval navigation. The first automatic version of the chronograph came in 1969 when three watchmaking companies and a movement specialist came together. Chronographs gained popularity with time, and people started making them in the form of wristwatches in the late 20th century. With this development, chronograph watches became one of the highly sought-after watches in the world.

How To Use a Chronograph Watch?

A chronograph watch has two pushers on one side used to start, stop, and reset the chronograph function without altering the timepiece itself. The two to three sub-dials on the watch enable you to compare base time with time elapsed. The watch also has a Tachymeter feature that allows you to calculate your speed or that of an object. The complex features in the chronograph watch make it have a high market value. When choosing the right chronograph watch, you should consider one easy to read even at night and is very accurate. Also, choose one that is water-resistant and has adequate power reserves.